Over the past few years, Man-Made carpets have slowly but surely become a more popular choice when it comes to floor coverings. They are not only typically more affordable than a wool carpet, but they also boast the qualities of being both stain resistant and extremely durable. Below we have an edited list of brands who do a fantastic collection of man-made carpet ranges. Most of them produce wool carpets also, so do not feel like you must write these brands off if it’s not a man-made you’re after, these are just our favourites.

  • Cormar

    British manufacturer Cormar Carpets offers an extensive and unrivalled stock level. Based in Bury, Lancashire, their commitment to making excellent carpets, since 1956, means that you can be confident of an extra luxurious feeling finish every time. They boast a large collection of award-winning ranges, with a varied choice of colour and texture.

  • Abingdon

    With a vast range of options, you can’t deny the diverse choice of style, colour and suitability from Abingdon Flooring. A British based company, founded in 2003, who use only the best top grade raw materials when making their carpets. Abingdon has quickly become one of the most recognized names in the business.

  • Victoria Carpets

    One of the most popular names in the carpet industry; Victoria Carpets, were established in 1885. This manufacturer has launched many successful and innovative ranges including First Impressions, Aura and Heartland, which all benefit from the Softer Loc Weave backing. Victoria Carpets is the go-to brand for quality and colour variety at a great price point.

  • Furlong Flooring

    A manufacturer with over 30 years’ experience, Furlong are known for their great range of products. Carefree Elegance, falling under the Regency Carpets brand, is one of the most popular manmade carpets, as some say it almost gives you the look and feel of a wool-based carpet, but with all the benefits of a manmade.

  • Associated Weaver

    Belgium based manufacturers Associated Weavers are known for their modern and fresh appearance and innovative concepts. In 2019, they launched a new brand called Sedna, manufactured using 100% PA ECONYL Regenerated Nylon including a percentage of fishing net yarn reclaimed from the sea bed and the backing is 100% recycled PET plastic bottles.


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